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Contact Info

Whispering Trails Homeowners Association
P.O. Box 7574
Jupiter, FL 33468-7574   

Email for information: info@wthoa.net 







Tiina Erb, Kyle Crotty, Lisa Mays, Gloria Pelchen & Bill Withington


Elected to a two-year term on the HOA Board by the HOA members

at their annual meeting on Tuesday, April 9, 2024.  


Board Member Officers


Marc Sickle, President

Tiina Erb, Vice President

Roisin Capparelli, Secretary

Becky Brinich, Treasurer


Board Member Committee Chairs


Lisa Mays, Architectural Design

Open, Compliance

Kyle Crotty, Social

Gloria Pelchen, Lakes & Island 

Bill Withington, Safety & Crime Watch

Tim Crowe, Communications